Who We Are

Innovative Research Initiative (IRI) is a start-up with strategic engineering and environmental consultancy expertise. The Directors and Advisors of IRI specializes in clean energy, clean transport, clean air, climate change, sustainability, and scarce resources management sectors.
Our team brings multi-industry knowledge and deep technical expertise. We are uniquely positioned to handle our clients’ toughest strategic and operational challenges, with our in-house expertise on strategy development, cost reduction, safety management, regulatory compliance, market assessment, and socio, economic and environmental assessments.
Our objective is to understand the challenges that our society is facing and lead the change towards a sustainable and equitable future.
We plan to become trusted advisors, planners, designers, engineers, managers, and consultants during the next 5-years and deliver the professional services for clean transportation, clean air, clan energy, water, climate change and sustainability sectors.

Our Sector Expertise

  • Air quality
  • Access to clean energy
  • Access to clean water
  • Use of clean transport
  • Sustainability of resources
  • Conservation of resources
  • Resilience of urban and rural communities

Our Goals

Our values drive us forward as an organization to promote sustainable living through:

  • Being respectful, ethical, honest, approachable to all our stakeholders in all the business dealings.
  • Investing in our people and business to achieve the best from our creative ideas and work.
  • Being excited about who we are and what we do.

Our Clients