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Felix Gooneratne


Mr. Felix Gooneratne is a Chartered Chemical Engineer and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Energy; he holds his Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Wales, Cardiff, United Kingdom.

He is an energy efficiency and Demand Side Management expert based in Melbourne, Australia. He has worked with IIEC as Asia Director in January 2001 and served as CEO from October 2013 to December 2018. With more than 40 years of experience advancing energy efficiency, demand-side management (DSM), and related international clean energy efforts, Felix brings forward reaching vision to programs. His proven technical expertise is design and implement innovative energy efficiency programs and achieve results. Felix has designed and implemented projects throughout the United Kingdom, Australia, Asia, Africa, and the Pacific region – managing international teams to achieve significant energy savings.

In the past, Felix held senior positions at PA Consulting Group, UNDP, Bechtel International, and the Australian Department of Energy. He has extensive project management experience with agencies such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, United Nations Development Program, USAID, AusAid, and the European Commission.

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